About DeskSpace

DeskSpace is one of the earliest privately owned co-working spaces in Bintulu, Sarawak. Located at the heart of the city, with close proximity with some of the best well-known outlets and facilities. DeskSpace is both convenient and strategic for startups to jump start their businesses here. 

Any Idea Is A Good Idea

We believe any business idea is a good idea, until proven otherwise. We don't tell you what you can or cannot do at DeskSpace. As long as it is a legal business, go for it.

Profit Driven Ecosystem

All successful businesses are profitable businesses. We are trying to build an ecosystem where companies in DeskSpace work together to achieve profitability.

By Startup For Startup

DeskSpace was founded by struggling startups trying to support each other. We believe this principle shall be continued by DeskSpace and its tenants indefinitely.

Stronger By Staying Together

It's hard to achieve significant result alone. Staying together and collaborate within the DeskSpace ecosystem will open up more opportunities to your business.

Ready to move in?